Franklin Sager

for Town of Fenton Councilman

Leadership with Integrity

Keeping America Great!

I believe President Donald Trump is doing an incredible job in spite of the unprecedented opposition he receives from Democrats and the media. He has exhibited tremendous leadership with regard to the economy, trade, immigration, selection of judges, and the national health crisis.

Pro Life

I have always been an outspoken champion of life. I believe life begins at conception, and that all people are created in the image of God. I have participated in numerous pro life rallies and was horrified at the New York Reproductive Health Act which provides for abortion up to the time of birth.

Protect the Second Amendment

The New York Safe Act is the greatest encroachment on the rights of gun owners in New York history. Gun rights opponents are attacking our constitutional right to keep and bear arms at every level of government. I am a proud member of the National Rifle Association and I think that every law abiding citizen in the Town of Fenton and across America should be able to own a firearm. 

Responsible Spending

Leaders have a responsibility to ensure that every dime spent is justified to provide for the public needs. I promise to treat local tax revenue with wisdom and conservation. I will do everything possible to keep your property taxes as low as possible, while providing the services you rely on.